Antiepileptic Drugs Quiz 2021 Anticonvulsants Objective Practice Paper

Antiepileptic Drugs Quiz 2021

Hello Students… If you are preparing for the Pharmacist Recruitment Exam 2021 then attempt Antiepileptic Drugs Quiz 2021 here. These questions are prepared with the reference of Previous Year Exam Question Papers. Various Recruiting authorities i.e. RSMSSB, OSSSC Odisha, CGHS, ESIC, NHM Punjab, CRPF, HPSSSB, HSSC Haryana, DHS Assam, DSSSB, MP Vyapam, NHM UP, RRB conduct various Pharmacist Recruitment Exams 2021. Contenders applied for these exams must attempt Anticonvulsants Objective Practice Paper MCQs Practice Test for Pharmacist Exam 2021. Candidates preparing for the entrance exams can also refer to these questions. We are not official but provide Important kind of stuffs regarding the Govt Pharmacist Exams here.

New Pharmacist Vacancy 2021

Department OSSSC Odisha
Posts 600 Pharmacists
Application Date 7th Jan to 31st Jan 2021
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Upcoming Pharmacist Exam Dates

NHM UP Pharmacist Exam Date 14.02.2021
HSSC Haryana Pharmacist Exam Date 31-01-2021
DHS Assam Pharmacist Exam Date 10-01-2021
CRPF ASI Pharmacist PST Date 14/12/2020 to 22/01/2021
MP Vyapam Pharmacist Exam Date 28.12.2020

Syllabus for Different Pharmacist Exams

  1. CRPF ASI Pharmacist Syllabus 2021
  2. BFUHS Pharmacist Syllabus 2021
  3. MP Pharmacist Exam Syllabus 2021
  4. DHS Assam Pharmacist Syllabus 2021

Antiepileptic Drugs Quiz 2020

What are Antiepileptic Drugs

Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a CNS Neurological disorder that affects the activity of the Brain. This situation becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations, and sometimes loss of awareness.

Anti Epileptic Drugs: Drugs used to treat Epilepsy or Seizures are called Antiepileptic Drugs. These drugs are also known as Anticonvulsant Drugs or Antiseizure Drugs. These are a diverse group of pharmacological agents used in the treatment of epileptic seizures. Anticonvulsants are also used in the treatment of Bipolar Disorders. Anticonvulsants suppress the rapid firing of the nerve impulses by blocking Sodium Channels.

Classification of Antiseizure Agents

Class Drugs
Benzodiazepine Derivatives




Deoxybarbiturates Derivatives
Barbiturates Derivatives



Iminostilbine Derivatives
Oxazolidinedione Derivatives
Hydantoin Derivatives
Phenyl Triazine Derivatives
Sulfonamide Derivatives
Succinimide Derivatives


Aliphatic Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Valproic Acid

Sodium Valproate

Cyclic GABA Analogue
Newer Drugs



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#1. Anti Arrhythmic drug used to treat Convulsions?

#2. Phenytoin is Derivative of?

#3. Which Anti seizure drug potentiate GABA action?

#4. Ring Present in Diazepam?

#5. Diazepam is a?

#6. Clinically used in treating grand mal seizures?

#7. Combination drug therapy useful in management of absence seizures?

#8. Effective in terminating status epilepticus?

#9. Hirsuitism is associated with chronic administration of this antiseizure medication?

#10. Antiepileptic Drug used in Mania?

If you found Mistake or Wrong Answer of Any Question in Antiepileptic Drugs Quiz then Guide us in the Commenting Section. This Anticonvulsants Drug Quizz is only for the preparation purpose.

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Antiepileptic Drug Quiz 2021

Candidates, Questions attached in this Antiseizure Drugs Quiz help you to prepare for the upcoming Pharmacist Exams in 2020-2021. We have taken the help of the Important Questions repeated in Old Exams. After a lot of practice of Antiepileptic Drugs Quizz 2021, you can easily attempt Question Papers and make your preparation well. So attempt Anticonvulsants Objective Practice Paper MCQs Practice Test. Aim of this Quiz is to give you a better knowledge of the Pharmacist Recruitment Test.

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